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Instigante pesquisa sobre a sustentabilidade das redes economicas e naturais e a necessidade de equilibrio entre resiliencia e eficiencia ao contrario do que o mainstream da economia neoliberal geralmente proclama com o risco do chamado "Walmart effect".


In a previous paper (Ulanowicz, Goerner, Lietaer, and Gomez, 2009), we combined thermodynamic, network,
and information theoretic measures with research on real-life ecosystems to create a generalized,
quantitative measure of sustainability for any complex, matter/energy flow system. The current paper
explores how this metric and its related concepts can be used to provide a new narrative for long-term
economic health and sustainability. Based on a system's ability to maintain a crucial balance between two
equally essential, but complementary factors, resilience and efficiency, this generic explanation of the
network structure needed to maintain long-term robustness provides the missing theoretical explanation for
what constitutes healthy development and the mathematical means to differentiate it quantitatively from
mere growth. Matching long-standing observations of sustainable vitality in natural ecosystems and living
organisms, the result is a much clearer, more accurate understanding of the conditions needed for freeenterprise
networks to produce the kind of sustainable vitality everyone desires, one which enhances and
reliably maintains the health and well-being of all levels of global civilization as well as the planet.
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