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This message did not reach you by chance, the chance to show the world that you can change the rules, the behavior for the search of a new civilization and productive economy and sustainable and not the more speculative and degradation of Planet Earth. Many say what many cite what to do, but together we show "how and why to do."

We live in the most difficult moments of the history of humanity, whether in economics, urban violence, war, famine, poverty, Racial Intolerance, Religious and immigration, but the worst of them as the Global Warming Project's Scientific and reflection of Dr.Al Gore was shown the world in 2006, but the leaders still do not assimilate the alert and warning, so it is united by the pain and not love the earth and life. We also difficulties with the climate change, the climate on Earth has risen to 0.90 degrees Celsius, if we get the 2.00 no more have the germination of our crops and agricultural areas, desertification is the economic projects developed by Lord Nicholas Stern, also in 2006, called the Stern Report, which cites that Governments should do to prevent the climate where spend 2% of GDP, but as nothing was done now all spend 20 to 25% of the GDP, to combat climate change that in 2008, left more than 150 million people displaced from the Clima. Coincidence? is not the Synchronicity, were with them in 2006 Al gore, and Lord Nicholas Stern in 2008.

We are now the Soft Power II of Brazil, Jose Pedro Ecologista Naisse, with its Project of the "awakening of consciousness", where he proposes to the world the Education for Peace, Health, Technology and Sustainability, whose values erao aggregates the largest 500 Sustainable Companies the world, we have around the ice in north and south poles, and the balance at sea level, initially the help of the Indian Ocean islands that today are affected by climate change. The Soft Power Project I, was used by the Secretary of State of USA, Hillary Clinton in his first trip through Asia this month, and that gave excellent results for the government of President Obama, who also need our help and received mainly by the photographic industry , recorded music and the Hollywood Film and Silicon Valley, which also passes through difficult moments, for this change to the 500 largest companies have a poblico of ethical and sustainable consumption and the generation G and Y, where we have approximately 2.5 billion people between children, young people and adults who assist in the cause.

For our project will help the countries of the G.192, and not only the G.20 to a new economy as Alvin Toffler predicted, and Wave III of the Economy Revolucionary, and either the Creative Economy as billionaire Bill Gattes our be a productive economy and sustainable economics instead of separate speculative for Economy of balance and sustainability, but for that we need our greatest ally is the press, Internet, newspapers, television from around world.

Join Us in to II "Smart Power", the Project Awakening of Consciousness in favor of the Earth, the balance and sustainability and the reactivation of the productive economy in the world. In human history, Albert Einstein said that in his time. "It is in crisis born of inventions, the discoveries and broad strategies are put into practice the benefit of all, the worst crisis that may exist, is the crisis of incompetence and of failing, No Crisis not exist Challenges. Also one days AC in his time, Archimedes to solve the crisis, sought an opportunity, a fulcrum and a lever and said the move also mundo. Today in our time of economic crisis, recession, Global Warming, Climate Change, Crisis of Values, It was in full of Era to Knowledge and Information, i need a chance to reach the minds and hearts of all who truly want a healthy and sustainable planet, our Mission will be at the United Nations, and UNESCO and in all Countries and not the G8 or G20. Join to us, the time has come ...

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