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A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that automates the administrative tasks of training, such as registering users, tracking courses in a catalog, recording data, charting a user’s progress toward certification, and providing reports to managers. These system also serve as a platform to deliver eLearning to students.

Popular LMS Systems

There are many Learning Management Systems on the market, and their prices and functionality vary greatly. The courses we develop will work with any modern LMS.  If you are researching LMS systems, the list and links below will be helpful.

Active Learner | Resource Development Corporation’s multi-level LMS |

Alpha LMS | LMS designed for schools that gives advanced control over assignments, tracks student performance and competency, and allows sequencing of content within self-differentiating work plans |

CentraOne | Centra offers hosting for e-Learning courses and an LMS |

ClarityNET | This e-learning platform allows you to set up, administer and track individualized, interactive training programs for literally thousands of employees from a single web interface |

Conductor | Sage Corporation’s employee training tracking administration software |

Consensus | Consensus' systems are user-friendly at all levels (for managers, administrators and learners) and designed for speed and ease of implementation |

Cornerstone OnDemand Enterprise | Cornerstone provides an extensible platform to build completely integrated Learning Management, Performance Management, Content Management, and Compliance Management systems |

Ed LCMS or LMS by Strategia | LMS and content creation package that supports all types of learning experiences |

Education Director | The web-based LMS from Results Direct that was developed specifically for organizations to deliver and administer e-Learning |

eTrainCenter | eTrainCenter is an LMS and LCMS that combine rich and flexible tools with content management capabilities, customization of the learning experience, and integration with an institution's existing infrastructure |

FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution | This software package includes a web-based configuration wizard, course authoring, enrollment, reporting, testing, virtual lockers, and libraries |

Gyrus | Gyrus Systems, who for 23 years has been the pioneer in developing the most comprehensive Learning Management Systems, is currently marketing a "DO EVERYTHING" web based LMS. GyrusAim performs all e-Learning functions from scheduling classes all the way to talent management and succession planning including all user required reporting in between from a very operating-friendly dashboard environment |

IBM Learning Solutions | IBM offers learning strategy, delivery, infrastructure, outsourcing, and content services |

iLearning | Oracle offers an enterprise LMS that allows organizations to manage, deliver, and track participation of employees, customers, and partners in both eLearning and classrooms environments |

Informetica | This company provides an LMS that allows instructors with limited technical knowledge to create, manage, and deliver courses and exams online |

IntraLearn | IntraLearn's Learning Management System provides configurable, feature rich, enterprise-class solutions across various vertical markets |

Knowledge Planet | This company provides provides both LMS and LCMS systems |

KnowledgeNet | This company provides provides both LMS and LCMS systems | | is a scalable, robust and highly functional on-demand LMS available for training companies to provide effective training for their clients. The LMS enables training companies to open a world of new opportunities through a customized Internet portal. Latitude's full-featured LMS serves both small and large organizations. With over one million total registered users on its platforms, ranks among the top 10 training platforms | | The family of solutions includes the LearnCenter learning management system (LMS / LCMS), the CourseMaker Studio authoring tool, Mentor EPSS, and the 1,100-title Learn2 online course library |

LearnFlex by Operitel | LearnFlex TM has a multi-language library that delivers appropriate contextual language for discreet user groups. It allows personalization of the user interface, corporate branding, and target audience. The system includes powerful workflow modules for E-Commerce, E-Business, and competency management |

Mentorware e-Learning Platform | This system from Mentorware combines learning management and learning content management into one package |

Meridian Knowledge Solutions LMS | Meridian provides industry leading Learning Management Systems for organizations of all sizes. We are the number one ranked learning-technology company for customer loyalty. Our award-winning software aims to deliver learning, distribute knowledge and sharpen business skills, which will make you a leader in your industry |

Moodle | Easy to install, but sometimes challanging to configure, Moodle is a free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. We recommend any group with a limited budget but plenty of manpower check this solution out. We also recently ran across this list of 10 alternatives to Moodle |

Omnibus LMS | This LMS includes the many of the most requested features for mid-size businesses. The platform contains the KBridge Authoring Tool that allows your SMEs to build eLearning content MS Word |

Online Learning Marketplace | A resource for online learning and education |

Osiris LMS | Osiris LMS complies with the standards of eLearning technology through encompassing all functionalities of LMS to offer a robust online tool. Osiris LMS was designed considering easily accessible options, available through a simple mouse click |

SumTotal | Docent and Click2Learn combined into a new company. Since there was a lot of overlap in their product lines, it will be interesting to see what their "new" products look like |

The Matchett Group | The Matchett Group offers a wide range of education, training and training software services |

Thinking Cap | Thinking Cap is a 100% XML and SCORM-compliant LCMS and LMS |

THINQ TrainingServer | THINQ's web-based enterprise LMS |

TLM (The Learning Manager) | An easy to use, web-enabled, fully scalable, SCORM compliant, enterprise LMS system |

VCampus | Vcampus Corporation provides fully hosted, web-based e-Learning solutions using an Application Service Provider (ASP) model |

Vuepoint VLS Administrator and LMS Component | Vuepoint’s learning administration and reporting application |

WBT Manager | Integrity’s LMS is designed exclusively to organize, deploy, and track web-based training content |

Ziiva Prosperity™ Learning Management System | Ziiva offers this LMS as a totally customizable solution. Both the LMS and the company are extremely flexible and fun to work with. Prosperity is a scalable, comprehensive platform. You can host it in-house or have Ziiva provide hosting. Left Brain Media™ has worked with many different LMS systems, and, over the years, we grew very impressed with the Ziiva Prosperity system, so we have extra information on this LMS available on our site |

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