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9thperiod  : Academic based social educational network and academic platform.  Hosted

15Desks  : Manage curriculums, grades, assignments, collaboration, and communication with students for courses at one or multiple institutions – all from one secure place online.  Hosted

Absorb LMS  : Enterprise level Learning Management System,   SCORM compliant and can launch courses authored in all standard course authoring tools such as Captivate, Articulate and many other SCORM compliant authoring solutions.  Hosted/Installed

AcademyMaker  : Everything you need to create and manage online trainings for your target groups (e.g. employees, retailer or customers) at short notice. 

Accessplan LMS  : Manage all of your blended learning using Accessplan LMS. Hosted, easy to use, flexible, SCORM compliant  Hosted/Installed

Accord LMS  : SCORM compliant web based learning management system.  Free Trial, Download

Adobe Connect for eLearning  : Create and deliver interactive online courses and training.  Free Trial, Hosted

Alpha Study  : The quickest and easiest way to get started with elearning and get users engaged with informal, formal or social learning. Need a simple to use LMS? Instantly create a quiz, make a test, create multiple choice questions and create surveys all on Alphastudy.  Hosted

any-3 LCMS  : Enables you to design, create, reuse and manage e-Learning content and training materials via a web browser.  Installed

Atlantic Link  : Atlantic Link’s trio of Content Point, Capture Point and Knowledge Point, offers the world’s most technically advanced rapid eLearning software, providing companies and individuals with huge productivity boosts and the freedom to collaborate from anywhere they are inspired.  Free Trial, Download/Hosted

Atutor  - Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS/LMS) and social networking environment.  Open Source, Download

Blackboard  : Leading educational course management system.  Installed   

Bodington  - Provides an LMS for learning, teaching and research.  Open Source, Download

BrainHoney  - Online personalized learning platform that’s quick to install, easy to use and massively scalable.  Hosted

Chamilo  - Chamilo is a new project that opts for open source in a radical way. It aims at bringing you the best e-learning and collaboration platform in the open source world.  Open Source. Download

Claroline  - eLearning and eWorking platform allowing teachers to build effective online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the web.  Open Source, Download

  Class Connect  -  Find lessons aligned with the Common Core and add your own websites, online videos, Google Docs, files & more!  Hosted

CLIX LMS  –   Combine all your learning activities in a single, central Learning Management System   Installed/Hosted

Cobent  - Co-Author collaborative content authoring tool, LMS Select is built on the same core-technology as Cobent’s flagship product, Cobent Learning Compliance Suite (LCS), and allows customers with simpler requirements to purchase only the modules they require to fit their needs.  Installed/Hosted

CoFFEE  - Plan, moderate and evaluate collaborative activities in a digital classroom using various tools, for brainstorming, mind mapping, voting and more. 

Coggno  - Robust and sophisticated learning management system. We leverage the power of the Internet to deliver best in breed Web 2.0 technologies.  Open source, Hosted

Collaborize Classroom  - Complements classroom instruction and engage students in online activities, assignments and discussions that allow for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom.

Compitens  - e2-b’s performance management solution.  Free Trial, Installed

Composica  - Social e‑learning authoring system  that offers real-time collaboration among team members to create interactive e‑learning 2.0 content with embedded social media.  Download/Hosted

ConnectYard  - ConnectYard integrates Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and email into a single communication thread within popular learning management systems, including Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Sakai and others.  Installed

Cornerstone OnDemand- A complete suite of social networking and workplace community-building tools to allow for effective collaboration, networking, communication, and teamwork across the organisation. 

CourseAvenue  - A collaborative environment for developing eLearning courses.  Hosted

CourseHero  - Provides a platform optimized for the aggregation, organization and distribution of educational content in order to deliver each student the right content at the right time.  Hosted

CourseKit  – “We’ve re-imagined what a class should look like online. We give instructors and students amazingly designed tools to manage their courses – calendaring, file management – and we make it unbelievably easy to interact with one another.”  Hosted

CourseManager  - Web based course booking and administration system designed for commercial training providers. Includes invoicing, CRM, Marketing tools.  Hosted

CourseMax  - CRM and course management for learning solution providers.   Automates business, sales, marketing, online/offline registrations, customer service.  Free trial, Hosted

CourseMerchant  - eCommerce application which integrates with Moodle to provide automated student enrolment upon successful payment and/or registration 

CourseMill  - Feature-rich learning management system that enables you to get your elearning up and running quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 

CourseSites  - Online course creation and facilitation service that empowers individual K–12 teachers, college and university instructors and community educators to add a web–based component to their courses, or even host an entire course on the Internet.  Hosted

CourseWebs  - Lets any instructor create an online classroom that includes exams and quizzes, discussion forums, a course calendar, and HTML content.  Free trial, Hosted

Desire2Learn  - Complete web-based suite of easy-to-use teaching and learning tools for course development, delivery, and management.  Installed

DigitalChalk  - Create virtual classrooms with pre-recorded, rich multimedia lessons.   It is fast, easy, and affordable.  Download/Hosted

Docebo  - e-Learning platform  (LMS and LCMS) used in corporate and higher education markets.  Open Source, Download

Dojo Learning  - Lesson builder, course management, sell courses.  Free Trial. Hosted

DokeosOnline learning suite that provides all the features needed for e-learning and blended learning management : From Authoring to Reporting.  Open Source, Download

dotLRN  - Enterprise-class open source software for supporting e-learning and digital communities.  Open Source, Download

Dots Talent Management  - Delivers streamlined automation for your learning, development and performance processes.  Hosted/Installed

EasyCampus  - Virtual school builder makes it easy, fast, and affordable to open an online school.  Free trial, Hosted

Ecto  - A social, collaborative, online learning environment that directly addresses the needs of the modern learning environment. Also a full Learning Management System (LMS).  Hosted

edu2.0  - A free web-hosted learning management system that allows anyone to create an online school in minutes. low cost commercial version of this site is available for businesses.  Commercial versions available. Hosted

e-ducativa Virtual Campus- Learning platform to manage internet-based and personalised learning techniques.  Hosted

EduPlatform  - Tool to develop and distribute computer based educational content.  Free Trial, Download

Eduslide  - Anyone can create and deliver educational content online.  Hosted/Open Source. Download

Edvance 360  - Affordable, intuitive, networked learning environment.  Hosted

Edvantage  - A fully-hosted web-based authoring tool (CourseBuilder) that allows fast creation of interactive e-learning content, together with a LMS (Learning Gateway).  Free demo, Hosted

    eFront  - An easy to use, visually attractive, SCORM certified, eLearning platform with Rich social and Enterprise functionality.  Open Source to Download. Commercial version Hosted

eLeaP LMS  - A complete, secure, web-based training and e-learning solution that employs a simple and intuitive user interface.  Installed/Hosted

element k Knowledge Hub  - Provides the  features you need to manage advanced learning programs, including diverse content deployment options, learning plan management, and flexible reporting.  Hosted

Engrade  - Engrade is a free set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online while providing parents and students with 24/7 real-time online class information.  Hosted

ePath Learning  - ASAP LMS   is a fully integrated service that gives you the power to author, deploy and manage online courses.  Free Trial. Hosted

Epistema  - Epistema has designed a full software suite to assess and train on-line. Epistema LMS; Epistema Assessment Server; and Easyquizz.  Installed

eStudy  - e-learning and collaboration platform for colleges and universities. In addition to usual course management facilities, eStudy provides special support for role-play simulations in computer science.  Open Source, Download

fronter  - Combines a wide range of easy-to-use tools for learning and collaboration online covering personal work, learning, collaboration, publishing administration.Installed

Generation 21 Learning Suite  - A fully enterprise integrated LMS/LCMS system.  Hosted/Installed

Global Classroom  - A digital classroom for any  learning organization, educator, teacher, professor and subject expert that can be accessed by their students, employees and customers using the Internet.  Hosted

haiku Learning Management System  - The  simplest  way to bring the web to your classroom …and your classroom to the web.  Hosted

Halogen eLearning Manager  -Online employee training management system melds breakthrough thinking in employee performance management with proven best-practices in learning management.  Hosted/Installed

Helius LMS  - Your own private-branded, secure site that gives you all the power to organize, manage, and distribute your online training and presentations. 

IBT Server  - The learning platform comprises the basic application – IBT Learner & Course Management – plus IBT Assessment, Skill Management, Live Collaboration, Virtual Tutor and Management Information 

ILIAS – Flexible and powerful open source learning management system!  Open Source, Download

Inquisiq R3  - This award-winning Learning Management System provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you upload and manage your e-learning content, organize catalogs, manage users and groups, generate reports, issue certificates and even collect course fees using your own e-commerce account.  Free Trial, Installed

Instructure Canvas  - Open, collaborative learning environment that focuses on usability and encourages communication  Open Source to download.  Hosted

Intelex Training Management System  - To track employee skill levels and certifications; schedule and assign training; send automated training email notifications; define corporate-wide training workflow; monitor training progress in real-time; track costs associated with training; and create ad hoc, boardroom quality training reports.  Hosted

Intellum Rollbook LMS  - Robust, cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface that allows for organization-specific customization and social media interaction through Blogs/Forums.  Free Trial, Hosted

Intrafinity eLearning Server  - Complete learning management system for creating, managing, tracking, delivering, and assessing enterprise-wide e-learning, whether in the classroom or online.  Installed

intraLearn  - Learning Management System (LMS) products make it easy and affordable to create, deliver, and measure interactive learning.  Installed

iPresentOnline  - Traditional learning management combine with social learning tools.  Hosted

Isoph Blue  - Flexible, Web-based learning management system (LMS) and e-learning content development software.  Hosted

it’s learning  - Learning platforms designed specifically for the educational sector.  Hosted

JoomlaLMS  - High-end but affordable LMS based on award winning Joomla CMS platform.  Free Trial, Hosted

Kallidus  - Range of software to enable organisations and individuals to create, deliver and manage their e-learning and classroom training programmes.  Download

Knowledge Direct LMS  - platform for developing, delivering, and administering training content in multiple languages over the Internet based on Web 2.0 technology.  Hosted

LAMS  - For designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities.  Open Source, Download

Latitude Learning  - A robust, on-demand learning management system (LMS) for training companies to provide effective training for their clients.  Open Source. Free Trial commercial hosted version  -’s cloud-based learning and talent management platform helps drive excellence in execution for organizations of all sizes around the globe.  Installed

LearnBoost  – gradebook, lesson planner, attendance, reporting and calendar.  Hosted

LearnerWeb LMS  - LearnerWeb is not just a learning management system (LMS) and learning content management system (LCMS). LearnerWeb is a new class of application called an LMS Application Framework.  Hosted/Installed

Learnopia  - Online learning community where teachers can create, host, sell (or give away for free) elearning courses.  % of courses sold

LectureShare  - lets instructors make lecture notes, audio and video available to their students – or the world – quickly and easily.  Hosted

LiknoLMS  - You will be able to easily create courses, lessons, surveys, projects, and tests, as well as keep track of people’s progress, create reports and schedules, and much more!  Hosted/Installed

Lionsher  - A SaaS and cloud-based learning management system that is easy-to-use and cost-effective. Supports all types of content –SCORM, non-SCORM, PPT, videos, audio, assessments, quiz and survey. Lionsher is a ready-to-use LMS. Users can register and get started instantly. 

Litmos  - Online learning management system that makes it easy for anyone to create, manage & deliver online training courses using videos, PowerPoint presentations, assessments, surveys and more.  Free Trial, Hosted

Mahara  - User centred environment with a permissions framework that enables different views of an e-portfolio to be easily managed. Mahara also features a weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online learner communities.  Open Source, Download

Manhattan Virtual Campus  - Fast, stable and effective course management system that runs on Linux and other Unix-like systems.  Open source, Download

Meridian Global LMS  - Integrates learning content management, social media, workforce analytics, knowledge management and competency modeling in one learning management system (LMS).  Hosted

metacoon  - metacoon is a flexible Open Source framework that can easily be adapted for many different applications and processes. It forms the basis of the metacoon product suite for learning management, knowledge management, alumni portals, career services, prject management and authoring.  Open source, Download

Moodle  - Virtual learning environment with social functionality 

Moodlerooms  - Services to and support education, businesses and associations to take full advantage of Moodle.  Hosted

MyiCourse  - People are creating their own public and private MyiCourse universities to benefit their business, ministry, product or people through online education and effective coursework. People are using MyiCourse to teach customers about their products.

MyGradeBook  - MyGradeBook allows teachers to grade assignments, print out reports, email parents, wherever they’ve got a computer and an Internet connection.  Free Trial.  Hosted

Mzinga OmniSocial  - Next-generation social software suite, Mzinga OmniSocial, enables you to increase revenue, lower costs, and become more productive by delivering an engaging, interactive employee and customer experience that transforms how you do business from the inside, out.  Installed

A NetDimensions LMS  – a fully integrated environment for authoring, managing, and publishing multiple content such as online courseware, instructor manuals, reference materials, as well as performance support products.  Installed/Hosted

Odijoo  – Create, publish, and sell your courses in an Online Community.  Hosted

OLAT – Online Learning & Training  – Web-based Open Source Learning Management System based on Java.  Open Source, Download

Omnibus Learning  – Create courses with Microsoft® Word, deliver them to your employees on-line and track the results. A complete, secure and scalable system to easily deliver on-line courseware to your employees, customers and partners.  Free trial, Download

Omnium Classroom Software  – Fully customisable Content Management System (CMS) for teachers to deliver their classes online.  Free/£,   Download

Onpoint Learning & Performance Suite  – Full-featured LMS / LCMS that facilitates the creation of rich-media content, provides a platform to deliver that content to learners, and enables the management of learner performance and skill tracking on an ongoing basis.  Hosted/Installed

OpenELMS  – First open source Learning Management System designed  for business by business. also provides a Content Management System which enables the creation of professional e-learning content from scratch.  Open Source, Download

Outstart LCMS  – Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for automating the development, management, maintenance, delivery, and publishing of modular and personalized learning.  Hosted/Installed

Outstart LMS  – A full featured, configurable Learning Management System to administrate, document, track, report, and deliver learning in support of classroom, online, and mobile learning.  Hosted

Pearson Learning Studio  – Pearson LearningStudio is a comprehensive, flexible and fully supported environment for personalized online learning in higher education. Pearson LearningStudio ensures that faculty and administrators have the integrated platform, tools, content and support they need to create, manage and measure successful online learning experiences.  Installed/Hosted

PG eLMS Pro  – eLMS Pro solution is an outstanding and yet simple Learning Management system. The system allows to build courses, import SCORM content, deploy online learning, manage users, communicate with users, track training results, and more.  Hosted

phpEdu  – Drupal based educational management system.  Open source, Download

Pinnacle  – Launch, manage, and measure information from courses produced by a variety of vendors.Installed

Plateau Talent Management Suite  – Integrated Learning Management Software  and Performance Management provides a closed-loop process to fill employee performance and development gaps with targeted learning activities.  Installed

RCampus- Comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment.Hosted

RightPath  – RightPath™ is an integrated student success system that provides solutions to meet the needs of individual students while empowering educators with the tools they need.  Free Trial, Download

Saba Learning Suite  – Saba Learning Suite is the first solution to encompass formal, informal, self-paced, live, mobile, cloud, and blended learning to deliver the total learning experience you require.  Installed

SAI Global Learning Management System  – Enables you to automate and manage compliance and ethics training, allowing you to comprehensively administer, deliver and track your initiatives enterprise-wide.  Hosted

Sakai CLE  – Over 350 educational organizations use Sakai as a learning management system, research collaboration system and ePortfolio solution.  Open source. Download

Saywire  – An educational collaboration platform that fosters individual /group learning through formal and informal methods giving flexibility to students and teachers.  Free Trial, Hosted

Schoology  – Schoology is a free web-based learning management system (LMS) built on a social network. Schoology leverages the familiarity of popular social media tools to improve communication and collaboration.  Hosted

Segue  – A curricular content management system designed for teaching, learning and research.   It is essentially a synthesis of wikis, blogs and traditional content management systems.  Open Source, Download

SharePoint Learning Kit  -SCORM 2004 certified e-learning delivery and tracking application built as a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 solution.  Download

SharePoint LMS  – Based on the powerful and highly secure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform and integrated with Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007,  ELEARNINGFORCE’s  Learning Management System  gives customers an opportunity for effective learning and quick assessments.  Installed

Simplylearn  – Simplylearn is an intuitive solution to  support  online course authoring, hosting and delivery. It is recognised as one of the UKs most flexible  online learning tools  focusing on allowing you to create great online training courses.  Hosted

Sloodle  – SLOODLE  is a free and open source project which integrates the multi-user virtual environment of  Second Life with the Moodle learning-management system.  Open Source, Download

Socialmediaclassroom  – A free and open-source (Drupal-based) web service that provides teachers and learners with an integrated set of social media that each course can use for its own purposes—integrated forum, blog, comment, wiki, chat, social bookmarking, RSS, microblogging, widgets , and video commenting are the first set of tool.  Open source, Download

Stratus E-Learning Platform  – a Virtual Learning Environment for the development and management of E-Learning    Free Trial. Hosted

Success Factors  : is a social learning management system.  Installed

SumTotal TotalLMS  -  SumTotal provides the industry’s most innovative and complete learning platform designed for both global enterprises and mid-sized organizations. Learning management, learning content management, offline learning, content versioning, and toolbook.  Installed

SyberWorks  – Scalable web-based training solution that manages and delivers employee training.  Free Trial. Hosted/Installed

Tapiohka  – Collaborative learning system: Provide Online Access to Course Syllabus, Schedule & Resources; Social Platform Engages Students and Increases Collaboration.  Hosted

TEDS  – Talent Management Suite courseware.  Download

Tegrity Campus  – Automatically captures, stores and indexes every class on campus.  Hosted

TestTrack Learning Enterprise  – Hosted on our servers, your implementation of TTLMS is available to your employees wherever and whenever they have an internet connection, and can be branded using your corporate identity standards.  Hosted/Installed

Thinking Cap  – LMS  allows organizations to deliver SCORM content to learners and supports a high degree of collaboration among learners, LCMS is a team oriented authoring environment to create courseware that is SCORM-compliant and may be exported to any LMS.  Installed/Hosted

TopClass  – TopClass is a complete web-based Learning Management System for the delivery and management of training. Its modular design has a LMS/LCMS at the core and a number of supporting modules that can be deployed by organizations as and when required.Hosted/ Installed

Topyx  – Traditional LMS with integrated social learning resources to create an easy-to-use, award-winning solution.  Hosted

Totara LMS  – Totara is a custom distribution of Moodle, the world’s most popular learning management platform, for the corporate sector.  Hosted

TrainCaster LMS  – TrainCaster LMS gives you easy-to-use tools to create courses, manage all types of training records, and track results in real-time. It’s powerful performance at an affordable price.  Hosted

Training Edge  – Integrated  suite combining LMS, LCMS, Social Business Software and Mobile to meet the breadth of  learning and knowledge needs of an organization.  Hosted

TrainingForce  – Easy to implement LMS, powerful and flexible, yet affordable enough to meet your budgetHosted

Udemy  – Udemy is a website that enables anyone to create and deliver an online course.  Hosted

UpsideLMS  – Equipped with over 160 features that are a blend of tradition and innovation; built to suit the unique needs of an organization (both small and large),  Free Trial, Hosted

uSync  – Combines social networking and project-based learning for middle and high school students.  Hosted

Utilium  – The best way to organise and share learning materials with students.  Hosted

Webducate  – Webducate provides comprehensive learning resource development and training management solution with an integrated collaborative business system 


Weblearning  – The Weblearning LMS is a user-friendly system that allows you to create,   deliver and  track  how students, employees, customers and prospects interact with your online quizzes and e-learning.  Free Trial, Hosted

WebLessons  – An easy-to-use learning management system that lets teachers plan a complete web curriculum, assign topics, and track student progress.   For social studies and science.  Hosted

WebMentor LMS  – The WebMentor LMS solution enables your organization to deliver quality learning courses and assessments, easily track learner activities and certifications as well as manage registrations and e-commerce.  Hosted/Installed

Xerceo Infuse  – Captures any informal learning; blogs, wikis and adds assessments as it turns them into trackable, SCORM compliant courses.  Free Trial. Hosted

Xyleme LCMS  – Xyleme Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a fully integrated environment for authoring, managing, and publishing XML-based training products.  Installed 

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