Escola de Redes


  1. Beyond Civilized and Primitive (Ran Prieur)
  2. Beyond Exclusion: Democracy and an Anarchist Ethic (Mitchell Halberstadt)
  3. Beyond Good and Evil! (Daniel Colson)
  4. Beyond Kronstadt; the Bolsheviks in power (Mark Kosman)
  5. Beyond panic, controversy & taboo: Levine’s enlightened look at...(Sarah White)
  6. Beyond Primitivism: Toward a Twenty-First Century Anarchist Theory ...(Charles ThorpeIan Welsh)
  7. Beyond Resistance: A Revolutionary Manifesto for the Millenium (Anarchist Federation)
  8. Beyond the Fragments: A Reaction to Industrial Society and Its Future (John Moore)
  9. Beyond the Peasant International (Anonymous)
  10. Beyond the Structure of Synthesis (g.c.)
  11. Beyond the Symbolic and towards the Collapse (Layla AbdelRahim)
  12. Beyond Workerism — Beyond Syndicalism (Anonymous)
  13. Bicycles and Civilization (Michael William)
  14. Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature (Anonymous)
  15. Biocide and Against The New World Order (Rob los Ricos)
  16. The Biological Cause and Prevention of War: Essay in Scientific Pac...(Manuel Devaldès)
  17. Biophilia: Toward Re-Humanization (William Manson)
  18. Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia (Fredy Perlman)
  19. Biting the Apple (or not) (HamiltonJ.E.)
  20. The Black Bloc in Quebec: An Analysis (Nicolas Barricada Collective)
  21. Black Bloc Tactics Communiqué (Anti-Racist ActionGreen Mountain Anarchist Collective)
  22. Black Capitalism (Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin)
  23. Black Faces in High Places (Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin)
  24. Black Flags (Renzo Novatore)
  25. Black Roses (Renzo Novatore)
  26. Bloom Theory (Tiqqun)
  27. Blow! (Praxedis G. Guerrero)
  28. The Body of the Condemned Sally: Paths to Queering anarca-Islam (Mohamed Jean Veneuse)
  29. The Bolshevik Myth (Diary 1920–22) (Alexander Berkman)
  30. Bolsheviks Shooting Anarchists (Alexander BerkmanEmma Goldman)
  31. Bolshevism: Promises and Reality (Grigori Petrovitch Maximov)
  32. The Bomb (Frank Harris)
  33. Bombing the Sky, and Other Solutions for Global Warming (Max Lieberman)
  34. Bookchin Breaks with Anarchism (Janet Biehl)
  35. Book Filled with Lies (Bob Black)
  36. Book of Levelling (John Moore)
  37. The Book Of Pleasures (Raoul Vaneigem)
  38. Book Review: The Politics of Postanarchism (Leonard Williams)
  39. Border Crossings (Cindy Milstein)
  40. Brain Work and Manual Work (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  41. Bread upon the Waters (Rose Pesotta)
  42. The Breakdown of the State (Ross Winn)
  43. Breaking Imperialism’s Chains (Workers’ Solidarity Federation)
  44. Breaking out of the Ghetto (j.w.)
  45. Breaking The Barricades: Quebec’s Carnival Of Resistance Against Ca...(MaRK)
  46. Breaking the Code (dot matrix)
  47. Breaking the laws of language (Solidarity Federation)
  48. Bridging the Unbridgeable Chasm: On Bookchin’s Critique of the Anar...(John Clark)
  49. Bringing Class Struggle Up-To-Date (Flint Jones)
  50. Brink’s Trial Closing Statement (Kuwasi Balagoon)
  51. Brittle Utopias (Anonymous)
  52. The Broken Teapot (Alex GorrionAngustia CelesteAnonymous)
  53. The Brown Paper Bag Theory of Affinity Groups (Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers)
  54. Buddhist Anarchism (Gary Snyder)
  55. Buenaventura Durruti (Joe King)
  56. Building A Campaign Of Solidarity And General Amnesty (Nicolas Phebus)
  57. Building a “Canadian” Decolonization Movement: Fighting the Occupat...(Nora Butler Burke)
  58. Burning Bridges to the New Millennium (and making deeper connection...(Matches)
  59. Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against...(Anonymous)
  60. But We Don’t Have Leaders: Leadership Development and Anti-Authorit...(Chris Crass)
  61. But Which History Is This? (Adreba Solneman)
  62. Cabal, Argot (Terms of Endearment Research Syndicate)
  63. Call (Anonymous)
  64. Call to Socialism (Gustav Landauer)
  65. Campaign poster for the election of Nov. 16, 1890, Quartier Clignan...(Joseph Jean-Marie Tortelier)
  66. The Camps Under the Heavens (Adonide)
  67. Camus, Albert and the Anarchists (Organise!)
  68. Can Franks’ Practical Anarchism Avoid Moral Relativism? (Thomas Swann)
  69. Capital and the Capitalists (Anonymous)
  70. Capitalism means never having to say you’re sorry (dot matrix)
  71. Capitalism, Right Libertarianism and the problem of “externalities?” (Gary Elkin)
  72. Capitalism, Technology and the Environment (Wage Slave X)
  73. Capitalists, Global Warming, and the Climate Justice Movement: Refl...(James Herod)
  74. The Capitalist System (Michail Bakunin)
  75. Captive Words: Preface to a Situationist Dictionary (Mustapha Khayati)
  76. Caracas Libertarian Declaration (anarchists at the Caracas Alternative Social Forum (2006))
  77. CARI (LydiettCarrión)
  78. The Case Against Art (John Zerzan)
  79. The Case Against Voting (Colin Ward)
  80. The Case of the Dog (Zo d’Axa)
  81. A Catastrophe (Ricardo Flores Magón)
  82. The Catastrophe and the Challenge (Wayne Price)
  83. The Catastrophe of Postmodernism (John Zerzan)
  84. The Catastrophe Psycosis (Anonymous)
  85. Caught in the Web of Deception: Anarchists and the Media (Anonymous)
  86. Chavistas open fire, injure eight protestors in Caracas (Peter Gelderloos)
  87. Che Guevara: why anarchists should view him critically (Lucien van der WaltOrganise!)
  88. Chemicals are good for you (Henry O’Mad)
  89. Cherusci, Dakota both resisted colonization (Anonymous)
  90. The Child and its enemies (Emma Goldman)
  91. Children of Guinea. Voodoo, The 1793 Haitian Revolution and After (John Connor)
  92. China: Capitalist Discipline and Rising Protests (Anonymous)
  93. The Chinese Anarchist Movement (George T. YuRobert Scalapino)
  94. Chomsky as Chávez’s Clown (Octavio Alberola)
  95. Choosing Marginality (Jane Meyerding)
  96. A Christmas Sermon (Ross Winn)
  97. The Circulus in Universality (Joseph Déjacque)
  98. Civil Disobedience (Henry David Thoreau)
  99. Civilisation: Its Cause and Cure (Edward Carpenter)
  100. Civilization and its latest discontents: A review of Against His-st...(Aufheben)
  101. Civilization and the Creative Urge (Anonymous)
  102. Civilization: Can We Survive It? (Anonymous)
  103. “Civilization from Savagery”: Amerika’s Indian Schools and cultural...(John Connor)
  104. Civilization in Bulk (David Watson)
  105. Civilization is Like a Jetliner (David Watson)
  106. Civilization Will Eat Itself (Ran Prieur)
  107. Civil Rights, The Black Panthers, Anarchism And Today (YearZero)
  108. Claim No Easy Victories (Rory McGowan)
  109. Class Struggle Beyond Anti-Globalization Protest (MaRK)
  110. Class Struggle, Commodification and Modernized Society (Kevin Tucker)
  111. Class Struggle Social Democrats: Or, The Press of Business (Bob Black)
  112. Class War (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  113. Climate Camp (Anarchist Federation)
  114. Climate Change Revolution (Ewa Jasiewicz)
  115. The Code of the Key-Order (Federico Buono)
  116. Collected Poems (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  117. Collected Works (Ricardo Flores Magón)
  118. Colonization and Identity (Chris Kortright)
  119. Colonization, Self-Government and Self-Determination in British Col...(Insurgent-S)
  120. Combat Dispatch 106: Volunteers (Brian McCarvill)
  121. The Coming Anarchy (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  122. The Coming Insurrection (comité invisible)
  123. The Coming Revolution (Ted Kaczynski)
  124. Comin’ Home: Defining Anarcho-primitivism (John Moore)
  125. Comments on the International Social Ecology Network Gathering and ...(Murray Bookchin)
  126. Committee for Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal (Robert Anton Wilson)
  127. Commodity Fetishism: an introduction to I.I. Rubin’s Essay on Marx’...(Fredy Perlman)
  128. Commoning and Scarcity (Peter Gelderloos)
  129. The Commune of Paris (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  130. Communique from an Absent Future: The Terminus of Student Life (Research and Destroy)
  131. A Communique from a Partisan of Individual and Collective Autonomy (Raoul Vaneigem)
  132. Communiques (Individualists Tending toward the Wild)
  133. Communism and Anarchy (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  134. Community Under Siege (Judi Bari)
  135. Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State (Ken Knabb)
  136. Conflict in Oakland (dot matrix)
  137. Confronting the Question of Power (Wayne Price)
  138. Connecting to Place In the Land of the Lost: Questions for the Noma...(Sal Insieme)
  139. The Conquest of Bread (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  140. Consensus Decision Making (Seeds for Change)
  141. Consent or Coercion (Ed Stamm)
  142. Considerations on Nihilism (Guerre au Paradis)
  143. Conspiracy or Anarchy (Andrew Dobbs)
  144. “Constitutionalism”: The White Man’s Ghost Dance (Bob Black)
  145. Constructivism and the Future Anterior of Radical Politics (Thomas Nail)
  146. The Contest for Memory: Haymarket Through A Revisionist Looking Glass (G. L. Doebler)
  147. The Continuing Appeal of Anti-Imperialism (Kuwasi Balagoon)
  148. The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism (Fredy Perlman)
  149. The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism among Anarchists (Anonymous)
  150. The Continuing Appeal of Religion (Anonymous)
  151. Contrast (Ret Marut)
  152. Contributions to the History of Individualism (Anselm RuestSalomo Friedlaender)
  153. Contributions to The Revolutionary Struggle, Intended To Be Discuss...(Raoul Vaneigem)
  154. Contributions Toward the Resumption of Hostilities (Porfido)
  155. A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy (Gilles Dauvé)
  156. The Conundrums of Dismantling Civilization (XSilent)
  157. A Conversation with Charles Malato (Charles Malato)
  158. Cooperative Scavenging (Margaret Killjoy)
  159. Courtroom speech (Auguste Vaillant)
  160. Crackdown In Spain (Peter Gelderloos)
  161. Crashing the Tea Party (Bobby Whittenberg-James)
  162. The Creation of Disaster (Kevin Tucker)
  163. A Crime Called Freedom: The Writings of Os Cangaceiros (Volume One) (Os Cangaceiros)
  164. The Crime of Owning Vacant Land (Hugh Owen Pentecost)
  165. The Criminalization of Women (Chuck Munson)
  166. The Crisis in the Ecology Movement (Murray Bookchin)
  167. Crisis of Meaning (Hakim Bey)
  168. Critical Analysis of the Left: Lets Clean House (Joaquin Cienfuegos)
  169. A Critical History of Harrisonburg Food Not Bombs (Peter Gelderloos)
  170. Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon (Wolfi Landstreicher)
  171. A Critique, Not a Program: For a Non-Primitivist Anti-Civilization ...(Wolfi Landstreicher)
  172. A Critique of Alternative Money Theories (Amelie Lanier)
  173. Critique of Chrisso and Odeteo’s BARBARIANS (Frére Dupont)
  174. The Critique of Civilization (Ran Prieur)
  175. A Critique of Half-Assed Radicalism (Héme)
  176. A Critique of Syndicalist Methods (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  177. Cry of Rebellion (Renzo Novatore)
  178. Cuban Anarchism: The History of A Movement (Frank Fernández)
  179. Cul de Sac (Le Garcon Dupont)
  180. The Cult of Carrion and other texts (Albert Libertad)
  181. The Cybernetic Hypothesis (Tiqqun)
  182. Dada Manifesto (Hugo Ball)
  183. The Damned Song (Enzo Martucci)
  184. DAM Rank and Fileists! (Subversion)
  185. Dancing with Ghosts: A Memoir of Tribal War (CrimethInc.)
  186. David & Goliath and Crime in America (Ben Satterfield)
  187. The Dawn-Light of Anarchy (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  188. The Day Before the Revolution (Ursula K. Le Guin)
  189. The Dead End of Climate Justice (Ali TonakTim Simons)
  190. Dealing with Distractions: Confronting Green Capitalism in Copenhag...(Alexis PassadakisBen LearDerrick JensenMikko VirtanenPeter GelderloosTadzio Müller)
  191. The Death of the Most Horrible Monster (Erinne Vivani)
  192. Debt: The First Five Thousand Years (David Graeber)
  193. Debunking Nonsense in the Anarchist Movement (Chuck Munson)
  194. Decentralism, Centralism, Marxism, and Anarchism (Wayne Price)
  195. Declaration by the Ghost of Emma Goldman (Rick London)
  196. The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy (Situationist International)
  197. Deconstructing the Columbus Myth (Ward Churchill)
  198. Deep Ecology & Anarchism (Brian MorrisChris WilbertGraham PurchaseMurray BookchinRobert HartRodney Aitchtey)
  199. Defending the Earth: A Debate (Dave ForemanMurray Bookchin)
  200. Defining Anarchism (Jason Justice)
  201. Deify (Anonymous)
  202. Delinquency Then and Now (Tony Gibson)
  203. Demands (A.G.C.)
  204. Democracy (Monsieur Dupont)
  205. Democracy and Anarchy (Errico Malatesta)
  206. Democracy and Conspiracy: Overlaps, Parallels, and Standard Operati...(Lawrence Jarach)
  207. Democracy in Iraq: Notes on a Greek tragedy (Don LaCoss)
  208. Democracy vs Desire: Beyond the Politics of Measure (Andy Robinson)
  209. The Democratic Mystification (Jacques Camatte)
  210. Demolition Derby: reflections on ‘primitivism’ (The Red Menace)
  211. Demoralizing Moralism: The Futility of Fetishized Values (Jason McQuinn)
  212. Deny Anarchic Spaces and Places: An Anarchist Critique of Mosaic-St...(Xavier Oliveras González)
  213. The Depersonalization of the Individual (Federico Buono)
  214. The Depersonalization of the Individual (Federico Buono)
  215. Deportation — Its Meaning and Menace: Last Message to the People of...(Alexander BerkmanEmma Goldman)
  216. Derrida’s Deconstruction Of Authority (Saul Newman)
  217. Desert (Anonymous)
  218. Designing Pacifist Films (Paul Goodman)
  219. Desire Armed (Wolfi Landstreicher)
  220. Destroying Industrial Society (Craig Marshall)
  221. Destruction and Language (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  222. Detective Surveillance of Anarchists (Robert A. Pinkerton)
  223. Developing working class environmentalism (Arthur J. Miller)
  224. Development of Modern Society (William Morris)
  225. A Dialog on Primitivism (Alex TrotterJason McQuinnJohn ZerzanLawrence JarachMicheal William)
  226. Dialogue on Lost in the Fog (Lost Children’s School of CartographyTa Paidia Tis Galarias)
  227. Dianamania (John Moore)
  228. Diary of operation “Angela Davis” (Tasos Theofilou)
  229. Did We ‘Radicalize This’? An Insider’s Look At The Quebec Protests (Nicolas Phebus)
  230. The Difference between Anarchy and the Academy (Peter Gelderloos)
  231. Direct Action (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  232. The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  233. Dirty Mirrors and Deformed Reflections: A response to Chris Dixon’s...(sasha k)
  234. Disaffection, 1797 to 1974 (Wildcat Inside Story)
  235. Disarm Authority! Arm Your Desires! C.A.L. Press Statement (Columbia Anarchist League)
  236. Discourse on Voluntary Servitude (Étienne De La Boétie)
  237. The Disgust of Daily Life (Kevin Tucker)
  238. Disobedience: The antidote for miserablism (Penelope Rosemont)
  239. Dispersed Fordism and a New Organisation of Labour (Anonymous)
  240. The Dispossessed (Ursula K. Le Guin)
  241. Dissonances (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  242. Do Anarchists Believe in Freedom? (Wayne Price)
  243. Does God Exist? (Sébastien Faure)
  244. Does work make you sick? Then lets change the way we work (Solidarity Federation)
  245. Does Work Really Work? (L. Susan Brown)
  246. Domestic Violence and Social Work from an Anarchist Perspective (C. Inza DeBoise)
  247. The Dominant Idea (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  248. Donald Vose: The Accursed (Emma Goldman)
  249. Do not say that we are few. Just say that we are determined (R.O. CCFTheofilos Mavropoulos)
  250. Don’t Be Afraid of Black Magick (Robert Anton Wilson)
  251. Don’t Die Wondering (AnonymousThe Litost)
  252. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (Holley Cantine)
  253. Down Graded Resistance: A Critique of DGR (Bobby Whittenberg-James)
  254. Down with the Bosses! (Joseph Déjacque)
  255. Down with the Empire! Up with the Spring! (Do or Die)
  256. Do You Hate Politicians? (James Hutchings)
  257. Do you want Geoengineering with your climate change? (Andrew Flood)
  258. A Draft Proposal for an Anarchist Black Cross Network (Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin)
  259. Dreaming of a Reality where the Past & Future Meet the Present (Andrew Flood)
  260. A Dream of John Ball (William Morris)
  261. The Dream of My Adolescence (Renzo Novatore)
  262. Dreams, Demands, and the Pragmatic Pitfall: The Barcelona Bus Drive...(Peter Gelderloos)
  263. Drowning (Anonymous)
  264. Durruti Is Dead, Yet Living (Emma Goldman)
  265. Earth First! is Dead — Long Live the Earth Liberation Front! (Snorky the Sea Elf)
  266. Earth First Means Social War: Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecologica...(Liam Sionnach)
  267. the earth is not flat: a review of ‘against nationalism’ (David Broder)
  268. Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement (François MartinGilles Dauvé)
  269. The Ecoanarchist Manifesto (Green Anarchist International Association)
  270. An Eco-Anarchist Manifesto: Municipalizing Nature (Prasanta Chakravarty)
  271. Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching (AnonymousEdward Abbey)
  272. Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience (Janet BiehlPeter Staudenmaier)
  273. Ecofascism: What is It? (David Orten)
  274. The Ecological Challenge: Three Revolutions are Necessary (Alternative Libertaire)
  275. Ecology and its recuperation by capitalists (Brian Morris)
  276. Ecology and Revolutionary Thought (Murray Bookchin)
  277. The Ecology Montreal Party: A “Libertarian” Frankenstein (Michael William)
  278. Ecology or “Anarcho”-capitalism? (Iain MacSaorsa)
  279. Economic Imperialism (A. J. P. Taylor)
  280. Economic Nihilism (Bobby Whittenberg-James)
  281. The Economic Relations of Sex (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  282. Economics of Dyer D. Lum (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  283. The Economic Tendency of Freethought (Voltairine de Cleyre)
  284. Ego-Anarchism (Anonymous)
  285. The Ego and His Own (Max Stirner)
  286. Egocide (Kevin Tucker)
  287. Egoism (Victor Serge)
  288. Egoism (John Beverley Robinson)
  289. Egoism vs. Modernity: Welsh’s Dialectical Stirner (Wolfi Landstreicher)
  290. Egyptian Surrealism and ʻDegenerate Artʼ in 1939 (Don LaCoss)
  291. Eight Hours Too Many? (E. Kerr)
  292. Electing Not to Vote (Bob Black)
  293. Elections (Octave Mirbeau)
  294. Elegy to Tears (Federico Arcos)
  295. El Individualismo ecléctico (Iconoclasta for Creative Individualist Anarchism)
  296. Elitist Language (Peter Gelderloos)
  297. El Salvador and Poland: Two Paths to Revolution (Various Authors)
  298. Elsewhere (H.T.)
  299. Emancipation (G. Yvetot)
  300. Aufhebengate (Sam FantoSamotnafTPTG)
  301. The Emergence of Compulsory Schooling and Anarchist Resistance (Matt Hern)
  302. Émile Armand and “la camaraderie amoureuse”: Revolutionary sexualism and the struggle against jealousy (Francis RonsinGaetano Manfredonia)
  303. Émile Henry’s Defense (Émile Henry)
  304. Emma Goldman for Sale (Anonymous)
  305. The New Freewoman: Dora Marsden & Benjamin R. Tucker (Sidney E. Parker)
  306. The Emperor Wears No Clothes: More on Mayday, May Day! (John Connor)
  307. The Empire Exits Iraq (LaneWalker)
  308. Empire for Beginners (Rob los Ricos)
  309. Emporia State: The Crystal Palace And Its Aftermath (John Moore)
  310. Empyrean (Federico Arcos)
  311. Endless War: Anarchist antimilitarism and the “war on terrorism” (Anonymous)
  312. The End of Anarchism? (Luigi Galleani)
  313. The End of Arrogance: Decentralization and Anarchist Organizing (Curious George Brigade)
  314. The End of Illusions (Revolutionary Committee of Public Health)
  315. The End of the World (Mare Almani)
  316. Enter... Enter... (Anonymous)
  317. An Entertaining Story: A Short Corporate Fiction (Marc L. Sherman)
  318. The Environment (Workers’ Solidarity Federation)
  319. Environmental Anarchism in Vermont: Anne Petermann of Global Justic...(Anonymous)
  320. The Environmental Crisis (Workers’ Solidarity Federation)
  321. Equal Opportunity in Education (Michail Bakunin)
  322. Errico Malatesta — The Biography of an Anarchist (Max Nettlau)
  323. Escape from Oblivion (Yiannis Dimitrakis)
  324. Escapism has its price, The artist has his income (Non Fides)
  325. An esoteric interpretation of the I.W.W. preamble (Hakim Bey)
  326. Esperanto and Anarchism (Will Firth)
  327. Essays from Species Traitor (Kevin Tucker)
  328. Essays from Willful Disobedience Volume 1–2 (Anonymous)
  329. Essentialism and the Problem of Identity Politics (Lawrence Jarach)
  330. The Ethics of the Natural World: An Anarcho-Primitivist Synthesis o...(Alden Wood)
  331. Ethics: Origin and Development (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  332. Evading Dogmatic Medicine (Robert Anton Wilson)
  333. Everyday Love (For OurselvesLouis Michelson)
  334. Evil Passions – The Right of the Self (Maurizio De Simone)
  335. Evolution and Revolution (Elisée Reclus)
  336. Excluded and Included (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  337. Expedients (Victor Serge)
  338. Expropriation (Pëtr Kropotkin)
  339. The Expropriator (Renzo Novatore)
  340. “Facing the Enemy”: A platformist interpretation of the history of ...(Jason McQuinn)
  341. The Failure of Christianity (Emma Goldman)
  342. The Failure of Revolution (Kevin Tucker)
  343. The Fallacy of “Neither Left nor Right”: Militia Fever (Janet Biehl)
  344. The Fall of Communism, the Society of the Spectacle and Prostitution (Peter S. Barker)
  345. The False Principle of Our Education (Max Stirner)
  346. The False Promise of Green Technology (Anonymous)
  347. Fascists are the Tools of the State (Peter Gelderloos)
  348. FBI vs. the Branch Davidians: Assembling an alternative understanding (Dina Fisher)
  349. Federalism (James Guillaume)
  350. Federalism, Socialism, Anti-Theologism (Michail Bakunin)

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